Igniting human and business potential

A new world is emerging, one of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), within an ever-changing global landscape.

Informed individuals and businesses already know they must respond more effectively to this rapid change and uncertainty.

The past has taught us that when faced with seismic shifts of the kind we have been experiencing, we require a fresh and different approach to successfully address them. We need to stretch and focus our mindset to a “forward-moving and futuristic growth orientation.”

That’s what Quantum Leap Global helps our clients achieve.

We are a human potential company that is on the leading edge of global change and conscious evolution.

We bring a humanistic approach to create psychologically safe environments where all people thrive and can express their diverse perspectives, resulting in better outcomes for people and businesses. Our evidence-based approach uses breakthrough transformational learning principles to unlock the highest potential of individuals, teams, and businesses.

Our approach is based on the transformational theory that for lasting change to happen, you need to have shifts on three levels: understanding of self; the way you view the world/others/universe; and behavioural changes with the development of new skills and capabilities that support new ways of seeing and being.

Quantum Leap Global is dedicated and focused on igniting the higher “human potentials” innate within individuals, leaders, businesses and teams wanting to elevate creativity to re-position themselves for greater global impact.

The road to greater success and impact is through people.

How do we do this?

We empower Adaptive Leaders with the insights and confidence to build and sustain safe, inclusive, and thriving environments for all, that realise new levels of well-being and success.

We create psychologically safe environments in all our programs and use breakthrough Transformational Coaching, Leadership and Facilitation Techniques to inspire your highest potential(s) that will create greater levels of personal fulfilment and success for you and your staff.

Higher potentials naturally emerge when conditions are created to support them.

Are you ready to ignite your highest potentials?

If your answer is “yes”, then let us introduce a finely tuned “human-centric” receptive listening approach, teamed with proven transformation principles to deliver results beyond what you may have previously imagined.

Helping organisations achieve more, with less.

Marianne Hynes

Transformational Leadership | Transformation Coach | Speaker

As the Founder of Quantum Leap Global, Marianne brings a unique blend of skills, experience and education including 25 years of corporate, coaching, and leadership experience including four years as COO running a multi-million-dollar business for a global brand.

This experience is combined with her knowledge acquired from a Bachelor of Psychology studies, transformational certification training and 25 years of personal development studies.  Marianne has high levels of emotional intelligence and the ability to create psychologically safe environments to help people and teams evoke deep transformational change.

Her goal is to create safe and inclusive environments, to share her experience, knowledge and skills to up-level the potential of your team, business and yourself.

Marianne’s life experiences have inspired her passion for helping others focus on transformation, leadership, conscious decision making, wellbeing, self-development, and purpose while igniting their highest potential. Her ability to bring together diverse groups of people, and to harness the power of the collective utilising transformational techniques is the foundation of Quantum Leap Global.

She lives by the philosophy that we all have the capacity to grow beyond current levels and that’s why she is passionate about helping others be the best versions of themselves, personally and professionally.

She founded Quantum Leap Global, a Human Potential Company, to partner with individuals, leaders, teams and organisations who want to achieve outcomes beyond current levels and achieve lasting transformational change.

Michael de Haan

Financial Wellness Leader | Speaker

Michael brings over 25 years of experience as a financial planner and building wealth through property and is one of a small number of people certified as an accredited Certified Money Coach in Australia.

Michael brings a wealth of financial management knowledge and a deep understanding of the impact that money mindsets and beliefs have on achieving financial well-being.

Understanding the criticality of healthy mindsets and behaviours on people and business, he addresses financial management strategies and people’s beliefs, behaviours, and values around money. He is passionate about supporting clients’ financial well-being by transforming negative financial mindsets and beliefs to help them live their best life.

Having experienced the negative impacts of finances, Michael’s mission is to empower people to create more joy, freedom and growth through financial well-being.

Michael’s Story

After living with financial stress for over 25 years, I experienced anxiety, clinical depression and prostate cancer, which led me to my first marriage breakdown.

My turning point was realising my financial limiting beliefs had caused constant stress and related issues in my life.

That’s why I’ve invested in becoming only a limited number of Australian’s accredited as a Certified Money Coach to understand the impact that financial mindset has on achieving financial wellbeing.

What’s more, because I’ve experienced the transformational impact of mindset awareness on financial wealth and wellbeing, I’m passionate about sharing this innovative financial knowledge as a thought leader, educator and mentor to my clients.


  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Certified Behavioural Money Coach (CMC)

Our Vision

Revolutionising business by putting people authentically at the centre and igniting the power of the collective.

Our Mission

To partner with Adaptive Leaders to ignite their team’s highest potential by creating psychologically safe environments that enable all people to bring their whole selves to work and achieve breakthrough transformations so that individuals, teams and companies perform beyond previous limitations.

Our Values

The values and beliefs we stand by are:

  • Impact: make a difference and create a lasting impact.
  • Integrity: speak and act in an open, honest and ethical manner.
  • Diversity: embrace the diverse nature of people, ideas, cultures & backgrounds.
  • Sufficiency: accept we have enough; we are all enough.
  • Leadership: be a vehicle of positive change.

Who we work with

Our clients are conscious individuals, Adaptive Leaders and organisations who:

  • have a desire to move beyond their current reality
  • are growth-oriented
  • have drive, focus, and passion
  • work with teams, boards or shareholders
  • desire to achieve more, with less.

Our clients are forward-thinking, enthusiastic about learning and committed to true change. They strive to realise the highest potential of themselves, their teams and business, to find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment.

How we work with you

Using our dynamic process, we encourage you to align your personal and business aspirations with your deepest values and intentions. We help you do this by:

  • creating psychologically safe environments that enable transformative change.
  • partnering with you to discover the “quantum” adjustments to increase your creativity and release your higher potentials.
  • supporting your “next steps” towards enhanced performance and personal satisfaction.
  • focusing you on the transformation you desire.
  • asking you specific questions.

The questions we explore…

As an individual:

  • What do you desire to create and expand?
  • What is the unrealised future you sense as a possibility?
  • What has stopped you from realising that which you wish to create?
  • Have you released your full creative capacities?
  • Do you prioritise what really matters to you at the deepest level?

As a business:

  • Are you congruent with your deeper principles, values and growth desires?
  • Do you know where your biggest ‘gaps’ are?
  • Do you have a psychologically safe environment for teams to thrive?
  • Do you moderate workloads to keep pace with priorities?
  • How well are leaders supported to manage high-performance teams and mental well-being associated with ‘remote’ working environments?

Why Quantum Leap Global?

In our VUCA world, the more common transactional leadership approach of hierarchy, command and control, individualism, tasks, actions, and focusing solely on the bottom line, does not achieve optimal and lasting results.

Quantum Leap Global provides transformational approaches that create powerful growth environments, connect the logical side with the intuitive and engage the higher potential of individuals and teams, resulting in organisational and social transformation.

Our transformational coaching, leadership and facilitation principles embody the belief that we all have an innate gift to share with the world, they just need to be realised. And, when business puts people first in an authentic way and combines the collective power of their people, they can achieve well beyond previous levels imagined.

The Result

Empowered teams and individuals that work collectively and that live and perform at their highest potential. This results in thriving businesses that achieve solid outcomes.