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A whole-of-organisation approach to People and Performance

Quantum Leap Global (QLG) offers a holistic approach to People and Performance, supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in maximising their business potential. Our consultancy blends seasoned professionals with globally recognised best practices to build sustainable capability within your organisation.

Traditional transactional leadership falls short in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. QLG provides a transformative alternative, guiding clients to navigate rapid change and uncertainty effectively.

Higher potentials naturally emerge when conditions are created to support them.

We empower individuals and businesses to adopt a forward-moving, growth-oriented mindset, fostering sustainable success in a rapidly evolving landscape. At QLG, we prioritise human potential and performance, utilising best practices, breakthrough coaching, leadership development, strategic change management and governance to unlock the highest levels of achievement.

Join us on the journey to greater success and impact, achieved by unlocking the potential within people to solve business challenges and take full advantage of opportunities.

The road to greater success and impact is through people.

Marianne Hynes

Founder | CEO | Keynote Speaker


Marianne is a purpose-driven executive leader, strategist, transformational coach and facilitator committed to fostering thriving, inclusive, and productive cultures. With over two decades of experience in C-Suite roles, leadership and corporate environments, Marianne has honed her expertise in adapting global best practices to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), delivering tangible results.

Her multifaceted background encompasses leadership, people and culture, strategy, operational effectiveness, marketing, capability management, and management consulting. This breadth of experience enables Marianne to take a holistic approach to organisational development, focusing on enhancing people and performance to drive profitability.

Marianne’s academic journey includes a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) and extensive studies in Neuro Leadership, Transformational Learning, Coaching, and Facilitation. Marianne is currently undertaking a Global MBA. These insights have deepened her understanding of human behaviour and organisational dynamics, fuelling her passion for unlocking individuals’ and team potential.

With an aptitude for fostering safety and inclusivity, Marianne creates environments where diverse perspectives thrive. Her emotionally intelligent approach to change management and leadership enables her to navigate complex, culturally diverse, and matrixed environments effectively.

Marianne’s blend of experience, expertise, and empathetic leadership makes her a valuable asset in igniting growth and transformation within any organisation.

Michael de Haan



Michael brings over 25 years of financial planning and wealth-building expertise through property investment. As one of Australia’s few accredited Certified Money Coaches, he possesses a unique skill set in addressing the intricate relationship between money mindsets and achieving financial well-being.

Michael offers comprehensive solutions based on his extensive experience in financial management and a deep understanding of the psychological aspects of money. Grounded in his personal journey with finances and his professional training, he is committed to reshaping negative financial mindsets. Michael guides clients toward a life filled with joy, freedom, and growth through enhanced financial well-being by empowering clients to redefine their relationship with money.

With a personal mission rooted in overcoming financial challenges, Michael is committed to guiding individuals towards a brighter financial future. His passion lies in elevating his clients’ standard of living and contributing to their financial success.

Michael’s qualifications include a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), a Diploma in Financial Planning, and a Certified Behavioural Money Coach (CMC).

Through his own experience, expertise and dedication, Michael strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of his clients.

Mike Speter



Mike uses his extensive expertise to equip businesses, leaders, and their teams to optimise productivity in a rapidly changing world. He takes a strategic approach, working with clients to discern and address root causes, rather than simply dealing with symptoms. Mike’s priority is to establish engaged and solutions-focused work cultures without sacrificing performance or accountability.

Mike has walked the talk by repeatedly building engaged, productive cultures in his teams and leading successful enterprise-wide change programs.

When developing strategy and practical delivery approaches, Mike draws on his specialist knowledge and experience as a science degree-qualified behavioural health management psychologist, and subsequent 30+ years in corporate and technical leadership roles. During that time, Mike has advised a series of CEOs, and has consistently mentored and coached individuals up to and including C-suite level.

Mike’s senior executive roles have been in diverse disciplines, including corporate strategy, people & culture, and governance, risk & assurance. He specialises in psychological safety, change management, policy rationalisation, quantitative analysis, adult learning, and directing/managing major programs and projects.

Having been raised in a small business family and subsequently running a small business himself, Mike intimately understands the challenges that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face. This unique perspective allows him to tailor his approach to the specific needs of SMEs, making them feel understood and catered to.

In addition to corporate and consulting activities, Mike is a company director, has been a director on a national industry council, has worked as an MBA lecturer in Conflict Management, a teacher of Business Communication & Group Dynamics, and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt process improvement practitioner.

Mike’s experience and knowledge have equipped him to consult on a whole-of-organisation basis capably. Clients and other stakeholders commonly feedback that Mike expresses complex concepts in simple terms and helps arrive at effective solutions.

Kelly Lambropoulos

Business Support Executive


Kelly specialises in providing efficient and dynamic administrative, marketing, and event management support. With a proactive approach and a go-getter attitude, she ensures the consistent and timely delivery of premium services and results.

With years of diverse experience in administration, event coordination, and business support across corporate and non-profit sectors in various industries, Kelly brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her vibrant energy, unwavering integrity, and inventive problem-solving abilities have earned her recognition in the field.

With over 25 years of experience in business and executive support, training & operations, and corporate event management, Kelly offers her clients a versatile and crucial support system. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously makes her an invaluable asset to the team.

  • Sufficiency – Accept that we have enough and are all enough

  • Positive Impact – Make a lasting change in the lives of people

  • Integrity – Speak and act in an open, honest and ethical manner

  • Respect – Value people’s right to contribute their view for genuine consideration

  • Inclusion – Embrace the diverse range of people we encounter

  • Thought Leadership – Engage clients on a leader-to-leader basis, contributing bespoke solution options

Our Vision

To be a human-centred brand recognised for ethically supporting businesses to transform and realise their full potential.

Our Mission

Provide strategic insights and practical advice to clients, with an emphasis on transforming their businesses through human-centric initiatives.

Our Clients

Our clients are adaptive leaders and conscious organisations in every sector who see there needs to be a different, more inclusive way to build productive organisations.

Why Quantum Leap Global?

As an SME itself, QLG intimately understands the challenges faced by such businesses. Our approach involves:

Root Cause Analysis: QLG goes beyond just looking at symptoms, to explore and identify the root cause(s) of issues that a business is experiencing.

Tailored Solutions: QLG provides tailored solutions designed to address the root cause(s) of our clients’ challenges. We deliver effective problem-solving without over-engineering.

Cost-Effective Expertise: QLG offers the skills and expertise typically associated with prominent consultancy firms, but at a more affordable rate due to our lower overheads. We believe in delivering value without compromising quality.

Flexibility: Whether our clients prefer remote collaboration or on-site support, we adapt to their preferences and requirements. Our flexibility is designed to achieve seamless integration with client operations, thereby maximising effectiveness.

The Result

Empowered teams and individuals that work collectively and that live and perform at their highest potential. This results in thriving businesses that achieve solid outcomes.

Are you ready for Change?

If you are ready for change, connect with us to explore how we can assist.