Building and sustaining thriving environments

Quantum Leap Global’s CEO and Founder, Marianne Hynes discusses her passion for people and their work to support leaders.


With a passion for people, we firmly believe that every human has the right to feel safe at work, both physically and psychologically. This means providing a safe environment where they can bring their whole selves to work, speak up against the status quo when needed, and contribute without fear of retribution. Without a safe environment, the impacts on business are significant. 


Quantum Leap Global takes a two-prong approach to performance by equipping leaders with skills and understanding to build psychological safety as the foundation to inclusive and thriving environments. And by also addressing the stress component.


Most leaders want to create thriving and inclusive environments for their people but don’t know how to. So we partner with leaders to equip them with the behaviours and language to build and sustain psychological safety.


Another essential part of what we do is reduce the impact of financial stress on employees, particularly financial stress. We work with businesses to bring a holistic approach to their Employee Wellness Programs. Some employee programs provide financial budgeting and planning support, which is essential; however, they don’t address the underlying behaviours that sabotage these strategies. To have a more significant impact, you need to address the financial behavioural component, which is where our program focuses, complementing existing employee programs.


A startling 55% of employees suffer from financial stress, which impacts well-being, with an average cost of $1900 per person per annum. 


Improving profit just through just focusing on the numbers is ineffective. Yes, increasing revenue and decreasing costs are essential, but by unleashing the power of your team by creating thriving, safe and inclusive environments for all, you will reach new levels of success for everyone.


At Quantum Leap Global, we empower Adaptive Leaders with the insights and confidence to build and sustain safe, inclusive, and thriving environments to realise new levels of well-being and success.


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