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“Journey of Change” by Aboriginal Artist Sarah Richards, Marrawuy Journeys

“Patriarchy: power over others.

Matriarchy: power from within.

Journey of Change represents the need to shift our culture from one that strives for power over each other and over nature, to one of nurturing the natural, social and cultural life based on mutual respect.

It’s about shifting to a culture where all humans thrive and reach their potential.

This needed shift in our culture is depicted in this piece with a pathway up the centre.

As the path begins, it’s clear there is an imbalance however as the path progresses, balance forms. Subtly depicted In the background is a sunrise and this represents the daily opportunity to take action and effect positive change towards balance.

I would like to acknowledge Dr Claire Zammit for her deep body of work over the last 20 years on transformational growth, learning and education that inspired, educated and transformed what is possible for not only me, but the world.