The missing ingredient to impact and success as a leader

Quantum Leap Global’s CEO and Founder, Marianne Hynes, discusses the critical aspects of impactful leadership.


Want to improve your team’s success and impact, build psychological safety, teamed with performance standards and accountability and watch the improvements. 


Many teams have high-performance standards and accountability, however, without psychological safety, your team’s collaboration and innovation will be lower, and you will see signs of staff burnout, higher attrition and higher absenteeism. 


If you want to take the performance of your team or business to new levels of success, then the power is in realising the power of the collective rather than individual high performers. 


The vast majority of businesses have not realised the full potential of their teams. A diagnostic can reveal the key levers that can release the whole team’s potential, not just a select few.


We work with leaders, as a top-down approach is essential. To build and sustain psychological safety, leaders need to model the behaviours and language required and commit to creating an environment where all people thrive, not a select few.


At Quantum Leap Global, we empower Adaptive Leaders with the insights and confidence to build and sustain safe, inclusive, and thriving environments to realise new levels of well-being and success. Reach out at for coaching or consulting discovery calls.


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