• Financial Wellbeing Online Course

Learn the Exact Steps to Financial Wellbeing
in Short 6 Weeks

No matter your experience, or your beginnings in life, everyone has access to financial wellbeing.

Implement Our Proven System

Michael de Haan, the Founder of Care To Grow, has packaged his strong history in financial planning and building wealth into a simple system and actionable online course for everyone to access financial wellbeing, no matter their beginnings or experiences.

Our 4-Part Financial Wellbeing System


Master goal setting that will achieve your lifestyle vision, financial security and happiness.


Know how your money flows and what steps to take to have your assets working for you.


Develop the skills and implement the system to take action, put money back in your pocket and feel financially secure.


Identify limiting beliefs and behaviours, and transform them to align with your financial wellbeing goals.

Introducing The Steps to Financial Freedom Online Course

A six-week online course developed by the Founder of Care To Grow to educate and empower people to access financial wellbeing.

Work at your own pace to implement the Care To Grow Financial Wellbeing System while accessing mentors from the financial industry.

What’s Included

Eight training modules to arm you with the thoughts, habits, beliefs and skills to access financial wellbeing.

A Financial Wellbeing workbook to refer back to once the course is complete.

Online tools including an Intentional Spending Plan excel template.

Access to an exclusive community and direct access to the Founder of Care To Grow as a mentor for you as you implement the Care To Grow Financial Wellbeing System

Plus a bonus presentation from a variety of experts in the Australian financial industry on the opportunities available to you so you can decide how you could move forward in building wealth.

Eight Training Modules

Module 1: Getting Started

Set expectations and a clear understanding of the course and workbook Module 5: Know What Your Net Wealth Is

Module 2: Master Goal Setting Techniques

Learn techniques to align your heart, body and mind with your lifestyle and financial goals.

Module 3: Create Your Freedom Goals

Learn how to establish heart-centred goals that will achieve financial security and happiness.

Module 4: Control How Your Money Flows

Learn how to build an intentional money spending plan and stop self-sabotaging , money leaks, and get money working for you.

Module 5: Know What Your Net Wealth Is

Create an awareness of your net worth and potential opportunities to have your assets working towards your financial wellbeing.

Module 6: Create A Communication Plan

Create a comparison guide on the best deals from different providers and communicate with existing providers to put more money back in your pocket.

Module 7: Framework For Financial Wellbeing

Establish a system that supports the flow of money which enables you to feel financially secure.

Module 8: Master Positive Beliefs and Behaviours Around Money

Learn what your money type is, strategies to provide a healthy relationship with money and remove money blocks.

Anyone, from any background, can access Financial Wellbeing.

Michael de Haan, Care To Grow Founder

It’s about putting the right steps in the right order. The Care To Grow Financial Wellbeing System teaches you over 6 weeks how to manage your flow of money to improve your financial security, increase it for financial happiness and understand your opportunities to build wealth.

With the Financial Wellbeing Online Course, it saves you thousands in consultations with a Financial Planner, and gives you the tools and system you need to begin creating financial wellbeing today for just $397!

Are you ready to learn the steps to Financial Wellbeing?