Being an Impactful Leader

Quantum Leap Global‘s CEO and Founder, Marianne Hynes, discusses some of the ways to become a more impactful leader.

Know yourself:

  • What do you stand for, your values, your motivation, and your purpose? Your actions will reveal what you stand for, so make sure your words align with your actions. It builds trust.

Get the right coach/mentor: 

  • You can’t break through to new levels of success and impact without someone to mirror, reflect and shine a light on your blind spots. When looking for a coach, take the time to find someone suited to your needs and who has the necessary experience/expertise to support your journey.

Be a leader that serves their people:

  • The old paradigm of self-centred leadership, command and control is gone. Be of service to your team and create the right environment for staff to thrive in, an environment where staff want to stay. You will reap dividends in retention, productivity, and more.

And finally, the power is in your people, you will reach new levels of success by igniting both the individual potentials and then the collective potential of your team.

At Quantum Leap Global, we empower Adaptive Leaders with the insights and confidence to build and sustain safe, inclusive, and thriving environments to realise new levels of wellbeing and success. Reach out at for coaching or consulting discovery calls.

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