Studies show that financially stressed employees are less engaged and productive at work and are more
likely to underperform, costing Australian businesses an estimated $31.1 billion annually.

With 2 out of 5 employees experiencing financial stress over their working life, this program will
provide employees tools and coaching to reduce financial stress, and in turn increase employee engagement and
productivity for businesses, resulting in increased profits and employee retention.


6 weeks



How Are Employers Impacted

There is a significant gap in workplace productivity between employees who are financially stressed and those who are financially secure.

Research from AMP (AMP Financial Wellness In The Australian Workforce) highlights the 2 key areas where productivity is impacted.


The time spent at work dealing with finances for financially stressed employees is 25 hours (3.2 days) more per year than for financially secure employees.


Financially stressed employees take an extra 2.4 sick days a year than for financially secure employees.

The total loss of productivity is 5.6 days per year for each employee that is financially stressed.

This can have a significant impact on businesses.

It pays for businesses to support their employees by providing a holistic financial wellness program that transforms and empowers employees to gain financial security and have the independence to make sound financial decisions with confidence.

With the majority of people feeling the impacts of financial uncertainty, this program provides a framework, actions and coaching to remove financial stress and blocks and live with financial freedom and abundance.

Course Outline


Module 1: Course Outline and Workbook

Set expectations and a clear understanding of the course and workbook.

Set Your Goals

Module 2: Master Goal Setting Techniques

Learn techniques to align your heart, body and mind with your lifestyle and financial goals.

Module 3: Create Your Freedom Goals

Establish heart centred goals that will achieve financial security and happiness.

Assess Your Money State

Module 4: Control How Your Money Flows

Learn how to build an intentional money spending plan and stop money leaks, and have the money working for you.

Module 5: Know What Your Net Wealth Is

Create an awareness of your net worth and potential opportunities to have your assets working towards your financial freedom.

Take Action and Move Forward

Module 6: Create A Communication Plan

Create a comparison guide on the best deals from different providers and communicate with existing providers to put more money back in your pocket.

Module 7: Framework For Financial Freedom

Establish a system that supports the flow of money which enables you to feel financially secure.

Money Mindset

Module 8: Master Positive Beliefs And Behaviours Around Money

Learn what your money type is and strategies to provide a healthy relationship with money. Money flows when you have an abundant mindset.