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Be motivated to ignite your highest potential

I’m grateful to have uncovered my passion for igniting human potential and helping people make conscious decisions towards balance, wellbeing, and self-development.

In leadership, it was through my own search for an inspiring leader, that I realised I needed to become the leader I wish I had. And in the words of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change that I wish to see in the world”. The world needs more conscious leaders that work for and with the collective, that support each other for greater personal and global success. To this end, I am passionate about helping individuals, leaders and teams become the best versions of themselves, personally and professionally.

My road to discovering my passion and purpose was not so easy.

Early in my corporate career, I worked long hours, travelled extensively, and put my health second to work and the needs of others. It wasn’t until my first husband died suddenly when I was 35, that I learned that nothing is more important than health and relationships.

Unfortunately, while still coming to terms with the impact of his death, my sister and best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was by her side for four years during her cancer journey. And once again, I was reminded of the importance of health, wellbeing, relationships, and the shortness of life. But on also valuing the simple things of everyday life and living on purpose.

And then I developed an autoimmune disease, another call to reflect where I spend my life energy and time.

Although I’d spent 25 years immersed in self-development, it was these life events that were the catalyst for my deep, transformative personal growth.

I learnt however that you don’t need life events or illness to transform, but you do need a coach or power partner. We can’t self-actualise by ourselves.

The result was that I started making conscious decisions about my life balance, health and living and working aligned with my purpose and core values. It was a slow process, until I studied and learned the principles of transformation. Quantum Leap Global was founded on the basis that we all have an innate gift to share with the world, and where I can share my unique blend of corporate experience, psychological and transformational learnings and lived experiences to help others.

When we ignite the innate highest potentials of ourselves and others it benefits not only ourselves and our families, but the world.

Through my keynote speeches at conferences, corporate workplaces, universities and business organisations, I have helped men and women invoke deep transformational change to become the best versions of themselves and have greater impact.

Speaking Topics

  • Psychological Safety & Performance
  • The Future of Leadership
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Empowering Women through Self-care
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • High Performing Teams
  • Financial Well-being and Money Mindset
  • Human Potential
  • Growth after Loss
  • Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Other topics upon request


The CEO Institute, Psychological Safety & Performance
2023 & 2024

Hollister, Prioritising Self-care for the Caregiver
December 2023

Women’s Health Expo – Empowering women with self-care

At the NSW Government’s 2022 Women’s Health Expo, Marianne delivered a workshop designed to inform and empower women to manage their health and wellbeing through self-care, exploring the impacts of social conditioning that influence how we live, how to set healthy boundaries and develop a personalised plan for living your best life.  See the workshop program here.

Add PwC Alumni Event, Emotional Intelligence

Donny Walk Morning Radio Show (US)
June 2021

Topic: Psychological Safety & Financial Wellness

Women’s Empowerment Series

Marianne shares her learnings and insights on leadership; the importance of discovering and building a life aligned to your passions, values, and unique gifts; the need for women to support women and the importance of acknowledging the work of the women that came before us; and more.


Workplace Wellness Festival

With over 6,700 registrations for the event Marianne shared her insights and learnings on the psychology of financial wellbeing: people are complex, money can be simple. (moved to a virtual event)

MC for AMP Rap Launch
Sept 2020

PwC CoE National Team
March 2021

Topic: Using Change to Transform

University of Sydney Business School

Topic: Diversity & Inclusion