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Being an Impactful Leader

Quantum Leap Global‘s CEO and Founder, Marianne Hynes, discusses some of the ways to become a more impactful leader. Know yourself: What do you stand for, your values, your motivation, and your purpose? Your actions will reveal what you stand for, so make sure your words align with your actions. It builds trust. Get the right […]

Impactful leadership in lockdown & remote working

  Connecting requires a more concerted effort when you are not physically together as a team for an extended time. This video series offers practical tips for leaders during a lockdown or in a remote working environment. Manage your wellbeing: First and foremost, you need to manage your wellbeing. In a COVID impacted world, our leaders […]

The missing ingredient to impact and success as a leader

Quantum Leap Global’s CEO and Founder, Marianne Hynes, discusses the critical aspects of impactful leadership.   Want to improve your team’s success and impact, build psychological safety, teamed with performance standards and accountability and watch the improvements.    Many teams have high-performance standards and accountability, however, without psychological safety, your team’s collaboration and innovation will […]

Building and sustaining thriving environments

Quantum Leap Global’s CEO and Founder, Marianne Hynes discusses her passion for people and their work to support leaders.   With a passion for people, we firmly believe that every human has the right to feel safe at work, both physically and psychologically. This means providing a safe environment where they can bring their whole […]

Want to improve your team’s performance?

High performing teams don’t just happen. They take focus and deliberate and specific action.  I am sure most of us have been part of a team that didn’t work at some point in our career. Where much of the team’s energy was focused internally, working against each other rather than working together, wasting valuable time […]

Teams are more diverse but not necessarily inclusive

We know from a competitive perspective that recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce in an inclusive environment is essential to being a market leader. But having diversity doesn’t mean there is inclusion.  We have seen much progress made towards more diverse teams over recent times; however, we are still struggling with inclusion.  For there to […]

Using change for gain

I recently spoke to a national team of a global brand that had undergone considerable change. I shared my journey through significant change as both a leader and a fellow human and how I used the time as a catalysis for growth and transformation. There is a lot of great guidance on how to ‘make […]

Psychological safety is not about being nice!

There is a misconception that psychological safety is about being nice or is “nice to have”.  Not so, studies such as those undertaken by Google’s Project Aristotle, the work of Amy Edmondson and more, show that in the world of uncertainty and interdependence, psychological safety is a necessity to not only survive but to drive […]

Want to improve your business performance? Then build psychologically safe teams.

  High-performing teams do not exist without psychological safety. But why should you care? In short, it will improve your business’ performance. Various studies, including Google’s Project Aristotle – a two-year study on effective teams, show that teams with higher levels of trust and cohesion perform at higher levels, resulting in improved business performance and […]

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