• One on One Coaching

Our clients usually come to us when they’re at breaking point.
Perhaps they are experiencing severe overwhelm, a relationship breakdown or a significant illness related to financial stress.

Our personalised packages enable clients to learn new skills and create financial security and wellbeing.

Step 1 – Awareness Phase

When we begin

Perhaps the most important step towards your transformation, we’ll be right there with you as you take us through your personal journey and circumstances.

Next, we will work with you to tailor a confidential, personalised and structured awareness process, consisting of these 4 steps:

  • Your money story
  • Your family and social structures
  • Understanding your money type
  • Identifying your skills, abilities, talents and gifts

What you can expect

You’ll gain an awareness of your governing financial mindset which, in turns, empowers you to reverse your limiting beliefs and negative blocks. Congratulations! You will be one step closer to gaining your financial freedom!


  • $2200 (GST inclusive)


  • 4 one-hour coaching sessions over 4 weeks

Step 2 – Transformation Phase

What happens now?

You’re doing great! Now we move into the transformational coaching phase.

In this phase, you’ll move forward beyond awareness and open your mind to new skills, providing you with the tools to create sustainable financial security and wellbeing.

We will focus on the specific areas that were identified in the awareness stage.

What you can expect

You’ll gain inner confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and personal power. You’ll be empowered to trust yourself financially.


  • From $2200 (GST inclusive)


  • 1-3 months, depending on your personal needs that we establish during the Awareness Phase