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A whole-of-organisation approach to high performance!

In today’s competitive landscape, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with limited resources have the challenge of unlocking their people’s full potential to maximise business performance.

Quantum Leap Global (QLG), a People and Performance consultancy company, provides advice, development and support to address such challenges.

We provide a range of services – including consulting, business support, project support, facilitation, workshops, and coaching – aimed at igniting the potential of individuals, teams, and organisations.

Business owners and leaders face unprecedented demands to meet business goals and create healthy, productive work cultures

An Approach that Works

As an SME, QLG intimately understands the challenges such businesses face. Our approach provides:

Root Cause Analysis:

QLG goes beyond just looking at symptoms to explore and identify the root cause(s) of a business’s issues.

Tailored Solutions:

QLG provides tailored solutions designed to address the root cause(s) of our clients’ challenges.

We deliver effective problem-solving without over-engineering.

Cost-Effective Expertise:

QLG offers the skills and expertise typically associated with prominent consultancy firms but at a more affordable rate due to our lower overheads.

We believe in delivering value without compromising quality, making us the ideal choice for SMEs with limited resources.


QLG understands that every business is unique. Whether our clients prefer remote collaboration or on-site support, we adapt to their preferences and requirements.

Our flexibility is designed to achieve seamless integration with client operations, thereby maximising effectiveness and ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.