• Facilitation & Workshops

Ignite the collective power of your team to create sustainable outcomes

Our transformational coaching and facilitation principles embody the belief that we all have an innate gift to share with the world…

How many times have you come out of a meeting, workshop, or strategy session without landing on an outcome because there’s been a disconnect in the team, unclear context, undefined roles or disjointed content?

Or how often have you been in training sessions where you’re thrown a tonne of information, but it doesn’t get adopted or put into practice, because it’s been “informational learning” rather than transformational learning and no follow-up strategy to ensure learning adoption?

Transformational Facilitation

As part of our Transformational Facilitation process, we create a learning and development environment where people feel psychologically safe, are able to freely express themselves without judgment and build on the collective power of everyone in the room.

Quantum Leap Global’s role as a transformational facilitator is to create a committed, dynamic, growth-oriented relationship among all participants in an atmosphere of openness, psychological safety, and support to ensure everyone is heard and have an equal opportunity.

The result is the unleashing of the collective potential of the people in the room, creating a high performing team and the development of agreed, solid outcomes.

Transformational facilitation uses group processes which provide positive changes in all participants and creates a paradigm shift that unites and builds on the collective power of the team.