Dale Stevens

Helping CEO’s Solve The No.1 Cause Of Change Failure.| Speaking with one voice | Creating change that sticks.

Did you know 70% of all change fails?
Did you know employee resistance is the biggest reason why?
Did you know unless we communicate change as SAFE any change we try is destined to fail?

Imagine if there were a simple and powerful system for getting employees to support change and for less than the cost of an average staff member.

You don’t have to imagine it, we’ve created it. In fact, it’s why we created the ‘Speaking with one voice’ program.

‘Speaking with one voice’

✔︎ Leaders with clear, compelling cases for change.
✔︎ Ambassadors mobilised.
✔︎ Engaged people – all stakeholders: staff, management, customers and broader community.

“I see a future where work environments are safe, fluid and challenging in a constant state of change. A place where everyone is valued, share the vision and play their part.”

London trained actor Dale Stevens knows exactly how to bring out your ‘Presence’ through acting, FBI hostage negotiating, Conversational Intelligence, and Rhetoric techniques.

A client achieved 3 million views for her TED talk, and created $1.3 trillion being moved out of tobacco investment. That’s influence!

Dale Stevens

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