Ingrid Galloway

Relationship Coach – Chief Relaxation Officer – Speaker – Podcaster & Podcast Guest.

Ingrid Galloway is the Founder, Relationship Coach and Chief Relaxation Officer of Kahyangan®️ (means: heaven), a wellness clinic in Sydney, Australia. She has been a Relationship Coach for 11 years and a Spa Therapist for 21 years (mainly in Five Star Hotel Day Spas). So she is used to looking after thousands of highly stressed clients from all over the world.

She practices from Kahyangan®️in Sydney and from clients’ homes, offices and hotel rooms, and Online!

Her work has always focused on stress, relaxation and relationships. She has a kind soul, always seeking to reach out to support the healing process for the many stressed people, broken/lonely hearted singles, stressed out parents and loving couples that cross her path.

She does a lot of massages for her clients, teaches couples on how to massage each other for relaxation and intimacy in her 1-1 coaching sessions, and delivers group workshops for highly stressed people such as parents and health care workers.

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And highly recommend Chantal Gerardy. She is full on & direct (just like me) but the no-bullshit approach sometimes work wonders for the right people.

Keep well & lots of love,
Ingrid Galloway

0413 161 616