Jo Jackson

Performance Coach | Executive Coach | Learning Design | Facilitator | Author | I partner with professionals to master your potential using capability modelling, mindset shifts & efficiency increase.

Have you invested so much into your career that everything else has fallen away?

Perhaps you have even forgotten what you are working for.

How do you fare with these considerations:
* Are you happy in your career progression?
* Are you getting enough sleep?
* Do you feel empowered and validated in your role?

If you are answering “no”, you can always choose to opt-out.

Opt-out of unhappiness, unfulfilling relationships, a dissatisfying career and health that is failing.

Just make the 2MM shift!

I have overcome it all to stand, stronger, healthier, happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been!

Consider What You Want to Change in Your Life

  • Become more efficient in the use of your energy and time
  • Identify your areas of strength to leverage from them
  • Know how to avoid stress and overwhelm
  • Be a more successful leader
  • Adopt a healthy flexible lifestyle that fits with your aspirations.


As a qualified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and Jay Shetty Life & Success Coach, I work with professionals to enhance your leadership capabilities, create successful teams and build a culture of success and connection with your business


I deliver both 1-1, and group coaching, providing a customised program that suits your needs. My program builds professionals and entrepreneurs from the ground up using the #1 Coaching Method in the World – Marshall Goldsmith.

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Personal navigating can be misguided when we are not intentional in our planning. Often redirection seems difficult and time consuming. This 12 week program re-aligns your neurological programming with your true north to reset you – making you a better leader, manager and partner in life.

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Have you ever wondered what the successful people do? Your one thing to move the needle forward is critical to your ongoing momentum. Our Master Your Potential Mastermind meets weekly on Monday 8pm AEST. Here we participate in group coaching to support you in your ongoing commitment to mastery and purpose. Coupled with a 24/7 support line and accountability portal, this mastermind provides the essential ingredient – community.

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