Maria Vamvouklis

Founder and Director of The Conscious CEO.

Business Growth Strategist, International NLP Trainer, Podcaster | Speaker

As a Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy® and a master NLP coach, Maria helps coaches, consultant and service-based businesses across various industries make a profound difference in their business and life. She uncovers and assists them in understanding the workings of the human psyche to reach the deepest structure of our unconscious mind to bridge the gap with business strategies.

Maria has a deep passion and understanding of the workings of the human psychology that empowers her to reach the deepest structures of our unconscious mind and uncover what is often hidden away from our conscious awareness for any individual highest potential.

Prior to entering the business world, Maria was serving in the NSW Police Force, and before that ran a Natural Health Clinic for 10 years. Outside of business, Maria volunteers as an “RUOK?” Ambassador.

Call Maria directly on 0405 811 580