Marianne Hynes

Marianne is a transformational leader, mindset coach and keynote speaker who is passionate about bringing a human-centred approach to igniting the potential of people and teams, resulting in thriving cultures and profitable growth.

Marianne brings over 20 years of C-Suite, leadership and corporate experience having worked for some of the globes most prominent brands, with a unique background including people, operations, technology, business development, Indigenous Affairs and management consulting. This background combined with extensive experience leading in culturally diverse and matrixed environments, along with a skill for uniting different perspectives and an emotionally intelligent approach to change strategy that works.

Marianne recently completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies, Psychology which has further fuelled her passion for people and performance. Marianne has an innate ability to connect with people’s uniqueness to ignite human potential, build high performing teams, and transform cultures. She believes that by embracing diversity and respecting an individual’s originality and perspectives, you gain the best results for people, teams and business.

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