Natasha Janssens

Founder of Women with Cents |Speaker | Author | Certified Money Coach® (CMC) | Award winning finance expert

I empower women to achieve financial independence.

Natasha Janssens wears many hats – proud mum, qualified accountant, financial planner, mortgage broker and all-round finance fanatic. After arriving in Australia as an 18-year-old refugee, alone, without any money or knowledge of Australia’s financial system, Natasha took it upon herself to learn everything she could – and fast!

Now based in Canberra, Natasha is the founder and director of Sova Financial, a role she balances with family life. When it comes to juggling a business, a child and the transition to a single income household, Natasha knows firsthand just how challenging it can be, and after witnessing other women facing similar struggles, she discovered her calling: to shift the way women think about money forever.

How confident are you when it comes to managing your finances?
Do you have a clearly defined goal and a plan mapped out to get you there?
Or are you so busy with life’s day-to-day activities that your finances are left on autopilot?

If making financial decisions leaves you feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. In fact, research has found that women are not as confident as men when it comes to managing finances, regardless of their actual financial literacy!

If you wish you could be better with your money but just don’t seem to have the time, this book is for you.