Tamika Smith

Founding Director of TSR Property Solutions

TSR Property is an all-round solution from land acquisitions to site start, specialising in Affordable & Social housing projects.

The business is construction based, aligned with qualified draftsmen, architects, town planners, surveyors, engineers, civil contractors & builders designed to guide our clients as well as mitigate their risk in entering the field of building & development.

Working with small to large developers, the procedures implemented in TSR are designed to simplify the process with any residential project from a duplex site to larger state funded townhouse and unit developments.

By reverse engineering our model we have been able to more effectively meet our client’s feasibility and thus aid in producing more profitable projects.

Projects include State & Federal funded developments across Northern NSW. The Top 100 Women is a board of experienced professionals and leading organizations within the construction who are making a positive impact on the construction sector as we know it.

By introducing accountability, and placing a large focus on the ‘How’, the Top 100 Women has scaled from featuring just 100 women, to some 13,500 people across Australia and Internationally.

In addressing the core reasons of why there is just a mere 11% of women, we set out to understand the positive impact equality would have across all genders in creating a more harmonious environment for everyone to operate within.