Zoe-Anna Bell

Energy Healer, CEO & Director of Healing For The Mind

Hi, I am Zoe-Anna, which translates to a Life of Grace.

I believe each experience be it trauma, pain and suffering is there to assist our journey to heal and transform into our inner wisdom.  A path of Soul Remembrance and enlightenment as a Sovereign Being.

I am often called a ‘Yoni whisperer’ by women that I work with. This is the way the quantum field and life-force energy is flowing through me as a conduit.

I am sure you each have emotional masks you wear to protect what was raw and vulnerable. They serve a purpose in survival growing into our skin and it is time to THRIVE as a woman.  Each scar a beautiful messenger to unveil your gifts of magic & awaken your inner wisdom.

You can suffocate in FEAR and or be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS to explore what is deeper within. I guide and support so YOU HEAL You.

There are no accidents or coincidences that you are here in this time as WE magnetise one another and you are here for a bigger purpose. We are Soul Family here to IGNITE the passion that is hiding within.

With a professional and personal background in healing trauma, women’s sexual health and restoring healthy balance within the mind-body and spirit.

  • Are you ready to explore the Relationship with you and nourish what is blocking the view of your highest expression?
  • Are you looking to purify and release your past story and reclaim your innocence?
  • The inner child is the golden child and a key to opening the heart and a path to connect to the sacred rivers and roaring fires known as, Love, Wisdom and Inner Power.
  • Let us rejoice and celebrate the Feminine Rising and the soul journey of the HEART to meet in a place called Heaven on Earth. To live in harmony with nature intended and the New Eden and the Land of Milk and Honey. This sacred place is within each of you, beyond your biology. It is time to honour Self-love